Don't be a conehead. Get the right kind of commercial auto insurance.Artisans, contractors, landscapers and short distance haulers need a specialty commercial auto insurance policy that covers them within a 500 mile radius of their home. Talk to us if you need to travel outside of your usual radius. Some of the companies will cover your trip as long as you notify them in advance (for no extra premium). If you have a need to pick up or deliver certain commodities say once a quarter this will work for you! Call 503-693-2852 or 503-489-3143.

We offer programs that give the short haul truckers an alternative to the expensive long haul insurance contracts. We have a competitive policy for the specialized contractor with just one vehicle or the general contractor with a whole fleet of trucks and vans.

Many artisans discover that the price of a commercial auto policy can beat the price of the personal auto policy with a business use surcharge. And, the business auto policy has the appropriate coverage for the risks the artisan faces.

Truckmen can take advantage of a specially tailored policy. If you have a fleet up to 50 vehicles and stay primarily in the State of Oregon, you may find our policies very competitive in coverage and price. No need to buy one of those expensive policies that cover you from coast to coast when you don't go that far.

Policies can be written on a short-term semi-annual basis or set to renew once a year if your operations run continuously. We can set you up on electronic funds transfer where your bank account gets drafted each month. You are on the road! You don't have time to worry about whether your insurance got paid or not. It's easy! It's convenient!

Do you need higher liability limits, like the $1,000,000 that can be required by a government agency or contractor? We have a variety of limits of coverage and at competitive prices to meet the responsibilities your business faces. We can also insure your rigs for just liability or put physical damage coverage on with deductibles tailored to fit your budgetary needs. Remember, the higher the deductible the lower the premium. But, consider what you can afford to pay out of pocket if you lose one of your vehicles to fire, theft, vandalism or collision. The body shop won't let you leave without paying the deductible first!

We know Oregon. Buying commercial auto insurance for your Oregon Business from another Oregon Business is good for business. In the declining global economy, we can make our local economy strong by working together as Oregonians. We care about the local farmer, contractor, artisan, carpenter, electrician, delivery driver, short-haul trucker and salesman. Call us today at InsureSource Agencies (503-693-2852) or Pulse Insurance (503-489-3143) for a quote!